About Us

My name is Neelofar, or Neelo for short.

As a child I spent my summers in the Himalayas. There, natural simplicity, rhythm and connections were just part of life. Women sat at handlooms in the afternoons chatting to passersby, while children played with yaks and goats. My memories are textured with the fine needlework of these women’s Kashmiri shawls, and studded with the tiny mirrors on my vest then. Just as the landscape itself is embroidered with 1000 years of textile history.

In my late teens as a model, I walked runways for Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Touching the exclusive couture, the garments I’d grown up with came to mind. Their quality was just as premium – but their methods so much more connected with people and planet. Was it possible to bridge the chasm between high fashion and cherished ancient craft?

Reflecting on my values, I returned to my roots – to honour these people and their heritage. Our precious world is built on the connections we weave between each other. With a more harmonious production, the quality of the product is felt in a different way. I created Neelo to support fair compensation and sustainable production. And to place such heavenly, handmade garments back close to the heart.

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